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The tests

with air

preserve the watch

Vacuum and pressure

up to 10 bar

at the air connection



with leak rate display

The ProofMaster tests the water resistance of watches conveniently with a fully automatic closing and test sequence. With its high level of operating convenience, the ProofMaster is the ideal tightness testing device for the following areas: watch service centres, watch retailers, watchmaking and watchmaking laboratories.

The new generation ProofMaster – more compact, faster, more accurate. The latest technology and smart algorithms are part of its DNA. Based on many years of experience, a device has been designed that is characterised by the easiest possible operation and parameterisation. It impresses with rapid and reliable tightness testing, small space requirements, optimal protection of watches against scratching and its ergonomic design. The ProofMaster can be used as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with the PC software WiCoTRACE 3. This provides additional possibilities for the measurement analysis and the professional administration of parameters and results, either locally or centrally. Connect a ChronoMaster to your ProofMaster and have your rate, beat error and amplitude displayed directly on the screen!

Testing can be carried out with up to three test pressures ranging from –0.7 to 10 bar

Intuitive operation via the 5 inch touchscreen

Considerable productivity increase thanks to the new, fast evaluation algorithm

Fully automatic sensor actuation, as well as closure and locking of the test chamber

ScratchProtect – lowerable watch support offers efficient protection against unwanted scratches

Shock and vibration detection for increased robustness of the measurement

Quick select – simple and fast parameterisation

6 fixe Prüfprogramme mit ein- und ausschaltbarem Vakuumtest

Parametrisable test programs with display of the leakage rate, adjustable limit and measurement time

Result memory for 100 measurements

LeakFinder – reliable and fast location of leaks

Display of rate, beat error and amplitude when a ChronoMaster is connected


Bluetooth insert for thermal printer

Bluetooth/Wi-Fi USB-dongle

USB Bluetooth dongle


Exhaust air kit (without silencer)

Silencer incl. exhaust air kit