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Witschi All-in-One



QuartzSensor, efficient measurement of quartz watches and movements.


ChronoMaster Auto

The automatic microphone with infinite possibilities.



The compact and modular display for your measuring devices.



We invite you to become a part of our team and to contribute your knowledge to us.



Witschi is a private Swiss company producing high-precision state-of-the-art measurement devices for the watch industry.


For 75 years, Witschi Electronic has been developing and producing high-quality devices for measurement and testing technology.

At the beginning of the company, the goal was to provide the watch industry with the best measuring and testing technology. This goal has already been achieved by Witschi Electronic in the past it is still relevant today for a more diversified customer base. From its headquarters in Büren an der Aare, Witschi Electronic operates a subsidiary in Hong Kong and representative offices in more than 30 countries worldwide. In total, around 80 employees work with us.



in 1947


80 employees



Market leader in testing

and measurement technology for watches.

We master our processes and offer high-quality, high-performance products with high customer value.

Our products are high-grade, high-performance and of impeccable quality. Throughout the entire production process, we adhere to the defined procedures of our management system and thus ensure a consistent quality standard. When designing processes, we pay attention not only to economic but also to basic ecological values.

Motivated and professionally competent employees are the basis for our work.

We encourage and challenge our employees and periodically assess their professional and social competence. Our staff also has the opportunity to help improve internal processes and supplement the product range with innovative ideas.

ChronoMaster is really a master.

Guided sequence mode

adjustable 1 to 10 test layers

Comfortable operation of the display software

"Chronoscope Service" thanks to built-in operating keys

Exact positioning every 45°

Safe holding even large watches

Automatic position detection

6 main test positions, 4 vertical intermediate positions and 2 special positions

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