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acoustic and optical


Determination of the

real amplitude

and the lift angle

Measurement of the

Q factor with

the powerful PC software

Combined acoustic and optical measurement for the most demanding applications! The WisioScope is a revolutionary measuring instrument which can test mechanical watches both acoustically and optically: beat noises are measured acoustically and balance wheels optically.

Greatest precision down to the finest detail. The highly efficient WisioScope hardware in combination with intuitive WisioScope Labor PC software result in a powerful measuring device for the most demanding applications, yet is easy to install and operate. the combined measurement system enables more detailed test options: actual lift angle in real time, as well as immediate determination of actual amplitude, independent of lift angle. Even watches with special escapement noises, where pure acoustic measurement is rarely possible, can now be measured accurately. Extended Isochronism, Fast Fourier Transform and Q-factor display modes provide in-depth views into the watch movement mechanism. All functions are designed for a measurement time of up to 160 hours.

Simultaneous acoustic and optical measurement of rate variation, amplitude and Q-factor

Measurement of special mechanical watch movements with quiet or unusual escapement noises Insensitive to background noise

Insensitive to background noise

Determination of actual lift angle and actual amplitude

Compact, space-saving standalone device

Powerful WisioScope Labor PC software with expanded measurement and analysis options

Intuitive operation and display of results thanks to tilting 7" touchscreen or via PC software

Position measurement with automatic identification of 6 main positions

Automatic determination of all popular stroke rates

Long-term measurement of up to 160 hours


Large watch holder

Bluetooth insert for thermal printer

USB Bluetooth dongle

Protection hood for the WISIO microphone