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Torque range

5 to 100 mNm

witch changeable sensors

Spring-loaded sensor

Safe connection

to the barrel

Balancing device

Precise measurement

without radial forces

QualiMaster measures the torque profile of barrels and evaluates all characteristic values. The robust rotary drive with adjustable sensor alignment meets the highest concentricity requirements. The torque sensor is equipped with a spring-loaded axis with axial force measurement so that it couples gently to the barrel. A balancing element eliminates radial forces. As a result, the QualiMaster achieves precise and reproducible measurement results.

As a table-top device, the QualiMaster is designed to perform automated measurements with manual placement. The WiCoTRACE parameter and result management facilitates programming and enables parallel operation of up to 4 measuring channels. The measurement result is displayed graphically and is evaluated according to the desired quality criteria.

Honed for the utmost precision

Measuring the torque profile of barrels and evaluating the characteristic parameters

Fully automatic test sequence with good/bad evaluation

Designed for long-term operation, robust mechanical construction

Changeable torque sensors with automatic recognition for 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 mNm

Spring-loaded sensor axis and monitoring of axial force for a safe connection to the barrel

Cardanic balancing device for elimination of radial forces

Fast changing of piece holder

Fine-tuning of the orientation of the sensor axis in relation to the drive axis

Integrated status indicators and LED lighting for the work area

Powerful test parameter and result management using WiCoTRACE for Windows PC (up to 4 measuring channels)


Torque sensor 5 mNm

Torque sensor 10 mNm

Torque sensor 20 mNm

Torque sensor 50 mNm

Torque sensor 100 mNm

Carrier and driver for barrel

Carrier and driver for special barrels

Balancing element