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Plug'n'Play via a

USB interface

to your Windows PC or tablet

Automatic test

position change

for maximum productivity

Robust in


operation 24/7

The automated measurement of mechanical watches in the 10 test positions is both efficient and accurate with the Micromat C. Thanks to the tried and trusted, robust mechanism for the automatic activation of the test positions, it can also work reliably 24/7 in industrial applications.

The Micromat C can be connected to any PC via the USB port. Using the two software packages included in the supply, the Micromat C can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the particular application. With the Chronoscope MMC for production, up to 10 devices can be operated simultaneously, whereas Chronoscope Service is optimised for use in a service centre. The Micromat can be fully integrated into the central WiCoTRACE test parameter and result management system and has the advantage of a traceable, productive measurement process.

Automatic, acoustic microphone for the measurement of beat noises in mechanical watches

USB port for easy connection with commercially available PCs

Automatic measurement in 14 test positions

Tried and trusted, robust mechanism for use in the toughest operating conditions

Versatile PC software: Chronoscope Service, Chronoscope MMC and WiCoTRACE 3

Up to 10 measurement channels per PC

Control keys on the device

Headphone socket for listening to the beat noises

Efficient test parameter and result management thanks to WiCoTRACE


Large watch holder

Protection hood for microphones

Stand microphone

Optoelectronic sensor