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Change of test position


or manual


silent and smooth

drive unit

Connection with

1 cable

via USB interface

The ChronoMaster Auto measures the beat noise of mechanical watches. It moves to all main test positions and any intermediate positions automatically and precisely. The movement in two axes is smooth and silent. It can measure while in motion and thus reveals new dimensions in the measurement of mechanical watches.

The high-quality drive unit was developed to fit the needs of the ChronoMaster Auto. The motors are stowed in the foot section of the device to prevent magnetic fields from affecting the function of the movement. The compact design with a low centre of gravity occupies little space and provides a high degree of stability. The ChronoMaster Auto requires a single USB cable for data connection and power supply for operation with a PC or the Witschi terminal. Alternatively, the measurement data can also be transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The compact, automatic microphone

Acoustic microphone with integrated measuring electronics for the measurement of mechanical movements and watches

Smooth and silent movement

360° rotation axis and the 180° tilting axis

Precise position control based on gravity thanks to the integrated acceleration sensor

One single USB cable for power supply and data transmission

Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth

Integrated fixation for large and heavy watches

Convenient operation with the to built-in control buttons

Ergonomic regulation of movements thanks to stable hand rest for left- and right-handers

The smart drive unit also allows manual position changes


USB Bluetooth dongle

Protection hood for microphones