Precision is Precious

Witschi Electronic is a private Swiss company producing high-precision state-of-the-art measurement devices for the watch industry.


Witschi Electronic Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing high-quality test and measurement instruments since 70 years.

At the beginning, the goal of the Company has been to provide the watch industry with the best test and measurement technology. Witschi Electronic has already reached this goal in the past and has extended it successfully to a larger group of customers. With headquarters in Büren an der Aare, Witschi Electronic owns a subsidiary in Hong Kong and manages agencies in more than 30 countries. Witschi Electronic employs approximately 70 persons.

Our values

Your wishes are the focus of our attention

We know that we can only prove ourselves in partnership with our customers if we succeed in always putting the customer first in all of our endeavors. Consequently, we want to fully understand the requirements of our customers and satisfy them by means of outstanding performance. We regard ourselves as reliable partners when it comes to both product sales and our service offering.


We master our processes and offer high-quality, high-performance products with great customer benefits.

Our products are top class, efficient and of impeccable quality. Throughout the entire development process, we comply with clearly defined procedures in our management system, thereby ensuring a consistent quality standard. When specifying processes, not only do we make them cost-effective, but also observe environmental core values.


Motivated, technically proficient employees form the basis of our work.

We support the initiative and creative strengths of our workforce and give them the decision-making freedom necessary to achieve defined objectives. All Witschi employees must be able to share in the financial success of the company. We encourage and challenge our employees, and periodically assess their technical and social skills. In addition, our personnel have the opportunity to help with innovative ideas, improve internal procedures and expand our product range.



Plug-in! Connect the smart ChronoMaster easily with your PC or tablet. The compact microphone has integrated measurement electronics. Your measurement results are displayed on the screen of your PC or tablet.

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The ChronoMaster is really a Master

Guided sequence mode
Adjustable 1 to 10 testing positions

Convenient operation of Chronoscope Service
display software thanks to built-in control buttons

Accurate positioning every 45°

Secure mount, even for large watches

Automatic detection
6 main positions, 4 vertical positions and 2 special positions

More compact, more rapid, more precise


Intuitive operation using a colour touchscreen and the excellent design of the Proofmaster makes this tightness testing device the star in its class.

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The ProofMaster is really a Master

Scratch Protect
lowerable watch support offering efficient protection against unwanted scratches

fully automatic sensor actuation as well as closure and locking of the test chamber

Considerable productivity increase
thanks to the new fast evaluation algorithm

Improved measurement accuracy
thanks to increased resolution and stability of deformation measurement