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The WiCoTRACE allows tracing a watch during its whole life cycle. The results of all measurement systems are stored in the same database. The measurement of a watch takes place with the parameters and tolerances stored in the database, which are thus the same for all networked systems. The WebViewer allows production watching or results and statistics access from any workstation.

Witschi offers a wide range of WiCoTRACE software products, having the same interface concept.

- database-oriented edition, management and evaluation
- Universal Editor to create test and measurement programs
- easy access to saved measurement results, directly from the measurement application
- web access to results over intra-/internet

Application on :
- Micromat C System
- Chronoscope X1
- Chronoscope M2
- Chronoscope M10
- Chronoscope PC20
- Chronoscope M20
- Analyzer Q20
- Analyzer Q50
- Proofmaster M
- Proofmaster S
- Qualimaster AMB
- Qualimaster AMB Automat

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