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General information

Art. nr. 31.2230PK
Usage principles - capacitive touch buttons
- manual raising/lowering sensor
- manual test chamber closing
- automatic test chamber opening
- automatic un/locking
Display Icons
Operating system proprietary
Size (W x H x D) 155 x 220 x 300 mm
Weight 5.1 kg
Loudspeaker no
Result printing label printer
Result saving no
Measuring programs double test program
1 fixed test program
Sensor technology / Measurement principle deformation measurement
Interfaces USB
Multi-channel no
Channel count 1
WiCoTRACE compatibility no

Pressure range

Vacuum between -0.5 up to -0.2 bar
Overpressure between +0.2 up to +3.0 bar

Measurement conditions

Pressure levels per test 2
Stabilization time automatic
Measure time - automatic
- typical <60s per pressure


Compressor - internal
- vacuum and pressure

Result display

Symbols - red
- green pictogram


Sensor typ: 20 nm (20*10 E-9 m)
Witschi Electronic Ltd.
Bahnhofstrasse 26
3294 Büren an der Aare


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