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General information

Art. nr. 11.28PK1
Usage principles - Touchscreen (capacitive)
- Knobs
Display - 10.4" TFT color display
- Backlighting
- Resolution 800 x 600 pixel (18bit color)
Languages German / French / English / Spanish / Italian
Operating system Windows Embedded
Size (W x H x D) 266 x 213 x 43 mm
Weight 4.2 kg
Loudspeaker no, Connection socket for earphone (Micromat C and Micromat X)
Result printing label printer
Result saving no
Measuring programs 99
Sensor technology / Measurement principle acoustic
Interfaces - 3x USB 2.0
- 1x Ethernet
- 1x UART RS232
- 1x Micro SD Card Slot
- 1x Audio Output (Micromat C and Micromat X)
Multi-channel no
Channel count 1
WiCoTRACE compatibility yes, only Micromat C and ChronoMaster PRO


Rate 0.1 s/d
Amplitude 0.1°
Beat error 0.1 ms
Lift angle 0.1°

Quartz timebase

Type OCXO (Micromat C and Micromat X)
TCXO (ChronoMaster PRO)
Stability +/- 0.004 s/d (Micromat C and Micromat X)
+/- 0.08 s/d (ChronoMaster PRO)

Measurement precision

Rate +/-0.1 s/d
Amplitude +/- 1.0°
Beat error +/-0.1 ms

Measurement range

Rate +/-999 s/d
Amplitude 80° to 360°
Beat error 0 to 9.9 ms
Vibration 3'600 to 360'000 A/h (Micromat C and Micromat X)
3'600 to 72‘000 A/h (ChronoMaster PRO)
Lift angle 10° to 90°

Measurement modes

Standard yes
Special 1 yes
Special 2 yes
Special 4 yes (Micromat C and Micromat X)
Special 6 yes (Micromat C and Micromat X)

Measurement conditions

Stabilization time 2 s to 2 min
Measure time 4 s to 99 h:59 min:58 s
Measure position count 10

Result display / Display modes

Numeric yes
Graph yes
Vario yes
Trace yes
Sequence yes
Scope yes
Twinscope yes
Unbalance yes
Interval no
Reserve / watch status no
Spectral analysis / Fourier analysis no
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3294 Büren an der Aare


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