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ChronoMaster – unique & smart

Plug-in! Connect the smart ChronoMaster easily with your PC or tablet. The compact microphone has integrated measurement electronics. Your measurement results are displayed on the screen of your PC or tablet.

Available modular software offers you user-specific, individual functionalities.

  • Automatic detection of 6 main positions and 5 others
  • Guided sequence mode, adjustable 1 to 10 testing positions
  • Secure mount, even for large watches
  • Accurate positioning every 45°
  • Convenient operation of "Chronoscope Service" display software, thanks to built-in control buttons

Simultaneous testing in combination with the Micromat C automatic microphone is possible. You save time. Convenient operation of the display software with 4 buttons on the ChronoMaster neatly rounds off this Play & Play device. The ChronoMaster is a true master.

  • Modular > User-specific functionality
  • Efficient > Simultaneous testing in combination with the Micromat C
  • Ergonomic > User-friendly operation using four buttons on the ChronoMaster
  • Convenient > Plug & Play! Making work a pleasure!



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