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Our commitment to environmental protection
Our commitment to environmental protection

Witschi Electronic places great importance on sustainability and that the whole company is committed to environmental protection.

Sustainability forms the basis of entrepreneurial action, because it is the only way in which long-term economic success can be guaranteed. Development and progress offer new opportunities for people, the environment and companies. For this reason, entrepreneurial solutions take on decisive significance when it comes to overcoming ecological and social challenges.

In our everyday business, day in and day out, including in the development and manufacturing of our products, we consistently implement a policy of being careful with natural resources and environmentally-aware production.

Solar energy and hydroelectric power
Solar energy and hydroelectric power

We get most of our electricity requirements from clean solar energy. The rest comes from environmentally-friendly hydroelectric power.

Installed on our company building is a photovoltaic system with a total of 114 solar panels. In May 2018, this smashed through the 100 megawatt hours barrier. So what does 100 MWh actually mean?


One watt hour corresponds to the energy that a system, e.g. a machine or a light bulb, with a power rating of one watt consumes or generates in one hour. 100 MWh is 100 million watt hours. 100 MWh would enable you, for example, to watch television non-stop for 175 years! (Source: Wikipedia)

>> Link to actual read-out of our solar energy system


Charging point in our company car park
Charging point in our company car park

Witschi employees can charge up their electric cars free of charge.

Witschi is mindful and aware of sustainable production.

Our Purchasing department prioritises suppliers that are located close to Witschi. As much as possible, our Production department uses components that are produced with care and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Of course for decades our waste collection system has separated out paper, cardboard, glass, PET, batteries, etc. Wherever possible, rechargeable batteries are used, for example in Witschi computer mice.

Our commitment to environmental protection
Our commitment to environmental protection


So as not to demand too much of our planet, we demand more of ourselves.

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