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of the acoustic signal

of a mechanical watch

Works in

magnetic fields

thanks to amagnetic materials

Li-ion battery with

approx. 8 h

operating time

The Micro Signal Generator enables you to easily check the functional reliability of your watch measuring instruments. This small testing device runs on rechargeable batteries and is the size of a wristwatch. The Micro Signal Generator simulates the acoustic signal of a mechanical watch very accurately. The Micro Signal Generator can be charged using a standard USB power supply.

The Micro Signal Generator is supplied with 10 pre-programmed signals. The continuous signals reproduce different combinations of frequency, rate, beat error and amplitude. Customer-specific programs can also be uploaded on request. The Micro Signal Generator is made entirely of amagnetic materials and therefore works perfectly under strong magnetic fields.

Signal generator for functional tests of watch measuring instruments

Rechargeable battery via USB interface with a battery life of up to 8h

10 pre-programmed signals with different beat, rate, drop error and amplitude values

Customized programs on request

LED display and acoustic signal to distinguish the programs

Completely made of amagnetic materials for use in strong magnetic fields

Up to 10 devices can be charged with the optional USB hub

Case included