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A modular addition to the Chronoscope S1 (G2)

A modular addition to the Chronoscope S1 (G2)

Our engineers have developed an innovative addition to the non-contact measurement of electronic watches for the Chronoscope S1 (G2), one of the most popular products in Witschi Electronic’s diverse product range.

Chronoscope X1 (G2) with an interesting innovation

Chronoscope X1 (G2) with an interesting innovation

The Chronoscope X1 (G2) high-end measurement instrument now also offers a polar display for Tourbillon watches.

Welcome to Witschi Electronic

Witschi Electronic Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing high-quality test and measurement instruments for more than 65 years. At the beginning, the goal of the Company has been to provide the watch industry with the best test and measurement technology. Witschi Electronic has already reached this goal in the past and has extended it successfully to a larger group of customers. With headquarters in Büren an der Aare, Witschi Electronic owns subsidiaries in Hong Kong and in Romania and manages agencies in more than 30 countries. Witschi Electronic employs 80 persons.

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